Cork Factory Hotel is dedicated to making sure that our facilities are accessible to as many people as possible. In addition to adhering to all local, state, and federal laws and regulations, we’ve made our facilities accessible in the following ways. If you would like additional information, please feel free to reach out.

Cork & Cap Restaurant is on the ground floor and accessible from multiple entrances.  All of our dining rooms, including the bar and outdoor patio, offer seating accessible for wheelchairs.

We have three sets of public restrooms, all of which are accessible.  The first is off of the hotel lobby on the ground floor.  The second is adjacent to the Ballroom and Parlor and is accessible via an elevator or a ramp.  The third is on the ground floor of Building 6 for use by guests enjoying the Warehouse event room.

Complimentary on-site accessible parking is provided to all guests.  We have 4 accessible spots on-site, none of which are more than 67 feet from the nearest accessible entrance.

The Ballroom is accessible via the main elevator and a ramp located at the rear of the building.

We have four ADA compliant guest rooms on various levels of the hotel and with varying configurations.  Our second and fourth floor rooms are accessible via the main elevator.

Room Features

  • Extra wide door frames
  • Handles by the toilet
  • Handles in the tubs
  • Seat in the tubs
  • ADA compliant alarms

Available Rooms

  • Tub and King Bed
  • Tub and Queen Bed
  • Tub and King Bed
  • Roll in tub and King Bed

The lobby is accessible from the main entrance, which has a minimal incline and includes multiple accessible parking spaces. The rear entrance takes you around the elevator to the lobby.

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