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Unique Event Spaces

Memories are made in a timeless historical setting that radiates warmth and beauty. With the unique event spaces, dining options, catering, custom wedding cake services, and a neighboring spa, Cork Factory Hotel is an award-winning space for any event—grand or intimate.

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The Ballroom, Parlor & Terrace

Guests will find themselves mesmerized under the lighting of rustic chandeliers and ready to celebrate on a hardwood dance floor. Beautiful vaulted ceilings are accentuated with a large brick fireplace that creates an intimate space.

The Warehouse

The interior ambiance is comprised of shimmering cork-lined walls, ceiling-high windows, and large mirrors that reflect natural light. From a romantic ceremony, to a corporate meeting or festive holiday party—any event can be distinctively characteristic of our heritage and tradition.

Assembly Room

Perfect for intimate gatherings, the cork-lined Assembly Room accommodates meetings and celebrations with exposed brick walls and warm tones.

Cork & Cap Restaurant

Cork & Cap Restaurant’s various dining areas offer a casual-chic atmosphere for your gathering. Guests can dine in plush leather banquettes alongside restored brick and stone walls or lounge in the rustic bar area. Outside dining is also available surrounding Urban Place’s signature smokestack.

The Baker’s Table

The best parties always end up in the kitchen. And at The Baker’s Table, it’s also where all of our parties begin. With a large community table at the center of the bakery and antique tools for baking artfully arranged around the space, guests will feel right at home. Raising a glass with friends, enjoying each other’s company and great food, the memories of hospitality and warmth will linger long after the last guest leaves.

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